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Joey Chung

Blockchain & Full Stack Engineer

Bay Area, CA
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About Me

Joey Chung

I'm a passionate developer who looks forward to building challenging and world-changing products. I specialize in blockchain, distributed systems, and full-stack development.

Aside from keeping up with current tech trends, I enjoy breakdancing and am a student of hip-hop. I also competed in fighting games and placed top 16 in regional majors.

Feel free to contact me for any future opportunities!

My Services
Blockchain Development

I've created smart contracts with Solidity, built MVPs for dApps with the full Truffle Suite, and reimplemented various algorithms such as proof of work and hash graphs.

Full-Stack Development

I have years of experience building in various stacks (LAMP, Rails, Flask, MEAN) and WYSIWYG creation for CMS. My projects include a dating site with Flask and Postgres, and an interactive PDF catalog for client products.

Technical Writing & Proofreading

I've proofread resumés and formal memos/documents both in school and industry teams such that the information being conveyed can be understood by anyone, ranging from layman to specialist.



  • HomeShare
    Software Engineer Jan 2019 - Current
    • Collaborating with the software team on system redesign leading into V3 of the live site
    • Auditing mobile responsiveness by implementing image lazy loading and resizing with Cloudinary
    • Implemented site UI and routing for custom on-demand calling
    • Build out various tools and features for operations departments in Rails and React
  • Bloom Energy
    RMCC Operator Jan 2016 - Dec 2016
    • Researched electrochemical & fuel cell theory utilized in energy server architecture
    • Worked with distributed systems to monitor client data flow
    • Built a work schedule generator in Excel with Visual Basic
  • ThriveStreams
    Remote Rails Intern Jan 2016 - July 2016
    • Created front-end components that utilizes MVC for the company's web application
    • Led project migration, QA testing, and staging of site code for internationalization of the site
  • RE Technology Inc
    Full Stack Intern Feb 2013 - Dec 2013
    • Utilized LAMP and Joomla! to build the main site and QA tested backend components before deployment
    • Reverse-engineered a single sign-on component to allow for remote log-in from company-affiliated sites
    • Assisted in generating over $400,000 in a continued, collaborative Buyer's Guide project

  • 42 Silicon Valley
    Software Engineering Studies 2017 - 2018
    • Studying C with C11 conformance for Unix development
    • Recreated an IRC chat server in Golang according to RFC standards
    • Created KIFT, a trained VUI application that responds to user requests such as checking the weather or traffic, setting a timer, etc.
    • Created avaJ-Launcher, an aircraft flight path simulator in various weather patterns built with Java 8 and modeled with UML
    • Unit tested and debugged broken data structures exam questions for the school intermediate C exam
  • Cuesta College
    Associate of Computer Science 2010 - 2014

    Notable Coursework - iOS Development, Android Development, Discrete Structures, Assembly and Computer Microarchitecture, Cryptography, Technical Writing for Engineers

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